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Wear What You Talk – Bioeconomy & Textiles

In this forum you can ask questions as well as participate answering and debating!

Please feel free to upload or ask any question/doubt/comment you have.

Enjoy and thanks!

I am really looking forward to this dicussion and have some questions that I would like to talk about:

-) Can "sustainable" materials be recycled easily? How much energy is needed for that? What would happen with all the other, already existing textiles? Would it be more sustainable to re-use them?

-) Even if we switched to sustainable materials/production, wouldnt we have to extend the life cycle of textiles and change consumer behavior?

-) Can a company like Lenzing (which I think is a role model) survive without growing and producing more every year? If so, how?

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Lotta Tomasson

Hi there

This is a very interesting topic, expecially in light of our new project Glaukos, that is about fishing gears and clothes.

I will participate!

Susanna Albertini