Boosting bioeconomy knowledge in schools Massive Open Online Course

The Boosting Bioeconomy Knowledge in Schools Massive Open Online Course is an important action in upscaling the educational use of the bioeconomy educational resources included in the BLOOM School Box.

The MOOC provides an accessible, flexible training platform for teachers interested in teaching bioeconomy as part of their science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) lessons or simply in interested in learning more about bioeconomy and issues related to sustainability.

The basis of the MOOC was the BLOOM School Box, a collection of lesson plans co-created by the 20 BLOOM pilot teachers from 10 countries, which illustrate how bioeconomy can be introduced in different STEM subjects.

Can I still access the MOOC content?

Hosted on the European Schoolnet Academy, European Schoolnet’s online MOOC platform for educators, and live between the 3rd of March 2019 – 10th April 2019, the BLOOM MOOC content can still be accessed by whoever is interested in learning more about how to bring bioeconomy in education!

Accessing the MOOC content is easy! You just have to go to the European Schoolnet Academy platform, create an account, search and select the BLOOM MOOC and click on ‘View archived course’.

Please note that, although its content remains available, it is no longer possible to receive the course badge or the course certificate.

Learn more about the MOOC’s objectives by watching the short introductory video below:
The BLOOM MOOC gathered over 800 teachers from 46 countries participating, impacting on almost 10,000 students. If like them, you want to:

• Understand what bioeconomy is, its importance for society and for students, and its implications for education.

• Explore the BLOOM School Box and learn how you can use it in their teaching.

• Learn how to use bioeconomy in educational contexts.

• Know more about how BLOOM can help teachers innovate their classroom practices.

… visit the BLOOM MOOC!

And explore the hashtag #bloommooc to discover participants’ testimonials about the MOOC!