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What is your first association with wood-based bioeconomy?


Where can we find circular economy in the tree sector?

Wood and Forest sustainability. Are there any processes going on to make Cradle-2-Cradle Cellulosa products to reduce clear-cuts in the Nordic countries? In times where we should reduce our CO2 budget, we should also look into alternatives to save forests. The reduction of plastic means a higher request for paper products which will result in a higher amount of clear-cuts of forests. This will have a negative impact on CO2 budget, right? What are the alternatives?

Will low oil prices hinder progress in this field?

Curious about the best alteratives to plastic...

How can science help provide evidence that wood and lignin-based bioeconomy is positive for the climate? Will there be more benefits in further developing drop-in biobased products to substitute fossil-based ones or in developing dedicated biobased products and access new markets?

Can bioproducts like bioplastics etc replace commercial plastics in cost, scale & durability?

Bioeconomy is a good initiation to tackle climate change. What concerns me more is the pressure on forests. Especially in those countries where the forest area is low. My question is, do you include those countries with low forest area in this concept? If yes, then what measurements are considered to reduce the pressure on these forests?

I'd like to understand what the status is of the bioeconomy when it comes to product developments and marketing. Is it available for consumers, and if yes, how and where? How will we reach the mass of consumers that are still unconscious of the products they buy and their impact?

And how thier lives will changes if they make more conscious decisions? How do we not only inform them but make the products they want both attractive AND bioeconomy based? Do we think of developing other or new products instead of trying to create the same products we already know from other materials?

Relating to the tree, I'd like to understand for what purposes the tree can be a replacement for current products. Looking forward to it!

Question for Katariina Torvinen: How would be avoid deforestation and sustainability of forests if society turns from a plastic based market to a cellulose based market? Do you research alternative forms for obtain celullose other than from wood?