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Questions and answers from the webinar "What the tree can do!"

In collaboration with the Dutch Hub the Nordic Hub organized “What the tree can do” as the second webinar of the BLOOM Bioeconomy Webinar Series. In the webinar we met four top researchers in the different fields of forest bioeconomy. We talked about opportunities related to wood fibers and lignin as well as perspectives of future research, forest availability and the role of bioeconomy in a sustainable future.

Below are the answered questions from the discussions.

Q: What about lignin, which is currently mostly used for energy in the pulp industry? I was once told: one can do everything out of ligning but money. Is it still valid now ?

A: We truly believe that it is possible make money out of lignin in future. There is already great potential applications were we see it in demonstration phase.

Q: How is the nanocellulose produced? From what resource?

A: It can be produced from many different kind of biomass sourches and produced by mechanically, chemically or enzymatically.

Q: How much are the prices of the new products competitive to the non-sustainable ones?

A: That is the aim of innovations that costs should be competitive.

Q: What would you like to see in the upcoming EU Forest Strategy?

A: I would like to see a holistic view: so that aspects and needs of biodiversity, carbon sinks, climate change hurdles and also economics and possility to increase innovations and investments based on forests and create jobs to Europe.

Q: How can we use fibers in Agriculture Field? (This question has been moved from the Chat to Q&A)

A: If they are not competing with food-chain. For example grass biorefiniries are in the research & development phase.